3D Wheel Alignment Machine

Product Description

Shree Sai Enterprises 3-D wheel aligner is designed in Germany and manufactured in India. All the components used in the machine are imported from Germany & USA. 3-Dimensional Wheel Alignment system is a unique way of performing the Wheel Alignment of the four wheeler by using the principle of three dimensional imaging technology. Jetstar 9000 3-dimensional Wheel Alignment is equipped with sure AlignTM 3.0 Wheel Alignment Software which is designed and developed in Germany.

It is the fastest, most accurate Aligner in the Industry. Thanks to its sure AlignTM Wheel Aligner software technology, the cameras track all four vehicle target instantly guarantying generation of reading in two minutes-now that’s real fast. Jetstar 9000 is perfect for those shops handling a high volume of Vehicles and looking for dramatic improvements in productivity and profitability.

It uses advanced technology, to improve the productivity and performance levels of shops Countywide by offering fast Alignment, precision measurement and reliable service.

The 3-D Machine features continuous measurement of camber, caster and toe. Live On-screen, displays eliminate the need for time consuming re-measurement procedures. The series of automated features and intuitive software tools save time and simplify procedures to make the Alignment process fast easy and quick.

The software is user friendly and user easy to understand. Colour coding helps to identify the misalignment in the wheel. The software guides the technician to various operations step by step thus making the wheel alignment procedure externally simple and quick.


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