Automatic AC Gas Charging System

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Product Description

Features :

  • Refrigerant recovery, vacuum, recycle, purify and recharging system.
  • Drain and charge Compressor oil with push of a button.
  • No manual valve or other manual operation after parameter setting and hose connection.
  • Low pressure protection avoids air coming into system and assures high refrigerant quality. Leakage hunting function.
  • Liquid crystal display offer operation prompts and machine service prompts.
  • Non-condensable gas in cylinder purge automatically.

Optional function : Pipe flushing and leakage hunting with nitrogen gas

Technical Specification :

Input Power : 500 W
Refrigerant Type : 134a
Recovery peed : 350 g/min
Charging Speed : 900 g/min
Net Weight : 85 kg
Dimension mm : 640x580x1130
ACM 2 AC system can handle R-12 and R-134a gases simultaneously with two set of separate refrigerant circuits


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