Dense Phase System

Product Description

Dense phase pressure system utilizes high pressure, low volume (cfm) Air / Gas as the motive force to transfer powder or granular bulk solid through a pipeline at low velocity.


  • Use High pressure, low volume gas & low velocity for fluidizing to transfer powder or granular bulk solids.
  • Pressure vessel with valves & air control is the key components of the system
  • Solid to air ratio ( Kg solid / Kg air) should be more than 15
  • For Dense phase pressure system conveying length is up to 400mt. approx.
  • This systems use Compressed Air / Gas to develop the required motive force.
  • Specially designed Pressure Vessel is used as feeder in lean phase conveying system.
  • Dense phase systems are most used on those material which are Abrasive, Fragile, High density