Fuel Injector Tester And Cleaner-6 Station

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Product Description

Features :

The machine has four pre set automatic programmes.
The operator can further design four programmes like RPM, Pulse duration, Injection time and Injection numbers etc. as per requirement.
100 Watts /25KHz ultrasonic diagnostic and cleaning of injectors, with capacity of stainless steel tank for 1 liter.
Perform diagnostic of Flow/Equalization, leak test, Injection pattern, cleaning and reverse washing for injectors.
Includes liquid temperature overheat warning function and combustible gas warning.

Technical Specification :

Max. Testing Cylinder : 6 Nos.
Rotation Speed : 0-7500 rpm
Pulse Duration : 0-20 ms
Injection Number of times : 0-9900
Injecting time : 0-10 sec.
Oil Pressure : 6.5 kg/cm2
Test Liquid Tank Volume : 2.21
Testing Tube Volume : 140 ml
Ultrasonic Frequency : 28.5
Ultrasonic Power : 70W
Oil tank level indicator : Yes


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