Paddle Mixers

Product Description

The mixing homogeneity of Shree Sai Enterprises double-circle paddle mixer is 97.7% (i.e. CV value = 2.3%), natural residue percentage 0.1%, and unit power consumption 0.30kw.h/t.No residues Adjustable gap between the paddles and the casing of mixing chamber ensures a very low residual ratio, effectively preventing the product from cross contamination; and the bottom discharging gate fully coinciding with the length of mixing chamber ensures the complete discharging of mixed materials in a short time, and the minimizing of residue Zero leakage A rubber air-sac sealed discharging gate contributes to zero leakage, and the special design packing seal ensures zero leakage at the shaft ends
High Mixing Homogeneity National patented double-circle rotor design, which under strong convection, shearing, and mixing effects created by the inner and outer double circles paddles, the mixing homogeneity can reach 97.7% Humanization The large access door with reasonable design facilitates the cleaning of mixing chamber and the replacement of paddles, resulting in time saving; the lift type liquid adding system and the air atomizing design feature the mixer with high-precise addition and ensures homogenous mixing without any agglomeration.