Product Description

Electromechanical – Exciting force for creating vibration`s is imparted by induction motor or unbalanced weight mounted induction motor. Critical components are vibrating frame, spring, and vibrator motor. Through drive of the motor / unbalanced motors, the rectilinear vibration / elliptical motion is imparted to the tray & through the vibration, the materials slip and sling on the funnel / tray, moving forward.
Electromechanical feeder is ideal as a discharge feeder, or for conveying dry bulk material in the processing stage. Materials such as powder, plastic pellet, dry chemicals, glass cullet, coal, metals, ore, minerals, aluminum, mining and aggregates, grains, seeds, pharmaceutical products, dry detergents, ceramic, textiles, rubber, fibers, feed, wood chips, salt, sugar and much more can be conveyed by vibratory feeders. Vibratory feeder usually use in applications in the following industries: Steel, Glass, Foundry, Concrete, Chemical, Recycling, Mining Power.