Wheel Alignment Machine

Product Description

  • Wireless Communication by Blue Tooth
  • Design & Development in Germany
  • Front Axle – Caster & King Pin without ETT
  • Rear Axle – Thrust Angle • 8 CCD Colour Cameras from Sony, Japan
  • 8 Inclinometers from Midori, Japan
  • The future of Wheel Alignment
  • More than 300 machines installed
  • 16 Sensor Machine
  • Super Accuracy
  • Super Results

Built in Wheel Alignment Diagnostic Software
This unique software helps the operator to diagnose the individual Sensor Head. He can easily & quickly find out the problem in the machine hardware. This helps the operator to find out the reason of machine break down and he can repair the fault without waiting for the service help.


  • Auto sensor ON & OFF for optimum battery life.
  • Machine need not be placed in front of the car.
  • Built in battery with automatic charging ON mounting.
  • Communication does not fail due to human interference.
  • Unique automobile meter design graphic with colour coding for angle adjustments for easy and quick understanding.
  • Live castor adjustment, no electronic turn table needed.
  • Animated pictorial representation of adjustment.
  • Simultaneous measurement of camber, caster and toe angles.
  • Data display as degree or decimal, in mm, cm or inch.
  • Colour coding of printout enables easy interpretation of results.
  • The sensor head test function on the screen enables quick identification of problem thus decreasing the machine down time.
  • Three different measuring locations can be possible.
  • Microsoft Windows XP operating system.
  • Power failure data protection and power save function.
  • 16,000 Car alignment data and editing function.
  • Data manager software for vehicle history.


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